5 Lessons from Scandinavian Homes to beat the winter blues

5 Lessons from Scandinavian Homes to beat the winter blues

December is a time when most of us feel low and just wish to curl up with the books to feel better. So, we decided to cheer you up with some Scandinavian home designs that are so apt that you will get going for an awesome winter right away! Although Scandinavia is a place where winters extend for months and are long & dark, the people there manage to keep surprisingly upbeat. How do they do it? One important thing is the design. We, at Naiknavare Developers, believe in creating a home environment that is conducive to happiness.

Here are 5 lessons we can draw from these homes to beat the winter blues!

1. Let the light inside your home As you get rid of the heavy curtains at home and let more light in your home, it certainly brings in more warmth to your home. Scandinavian interiors are designed this way as there are very few daylight hours. Hence, a must to remember point to prepare for the winter.

2. Maximize natural light in the home Scandinavian homes are known for the white interiors and you are surely not aware of the reason why! It is because the white paint or pale shades make their homes reflect light around inside the home and the wooden flooring and polished surfaces absorb this light making the rooms warmer. This keeps a balance in the light inside the house and outside, keeping it warm throughout winter.

3. Wood is also important Having some wooden furniture and some wooden artwork on display can provide that element of balance in the overall appeal of the room or the living space.

4. The candles The best part of winter is the Candles in the Scandinavian lifestyle! Who wouldn’t love to be surrounded by the dim light of candles with a book and a hot cup of coffee? This lovely idea can quite effectively bring a lot many emotions to life. The atmosphere turns out to be just too magical and dreamlike.

5. The space for nature & well being The Scandinavian style gives a lot of importance to nature. Its emphasis on having nature close to the lives of the people is an idea that is very close to the heart of the Scandinavian lifestyle. This idea brings the outdoors and nature inside your room. This is aimed at bringing the room to life and that definitely works in winters as not many of us prefer staying out for long. That feeling of damp and sluggish ambiance is prevented by far the most through this. This surely puts a lot of things from a new perspective.

We hope these lessons prove to be helpful for you to prepare for the winter.

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