A Frame for Your Delightful Memories

A picture frame plays an important role in creating stories in a home. Each frame should be chosen to highlight an element of art in itself. The style of the photo frames should match the wall colors and décor of the space. Based on the décor theme of any of the residential projects in Pune, the frames can be simple or intricate and elegant. The right photo frames will keep the pictures in good condition for a long period of time and it will protect them from dust and damage.

Knitting a Story: A home interior is the reflection of the people who live there. Likewise, photo frames have an essential role in creating stories about people. The style of the photo frame should match the interiors as well. For example, if one is fond of a vintage style, then vintage photo frames can be added according to the existing vintage home décor. Wooden frames and silver frames can never go out of fashion. The motifs or high polish of sterling silver adds a timeless royal touch to the ambiance.

Vintage Photo Frames

Hand-pick the right frame: The presence of loved ones in a pictorial format adds emotional warmth in the house. Well, there is an art to select the right frame. Suitable choices are white or pastel, which are very popular. One can choose a frame of any size and shape as per the size of the photo. However, one must avoid picking a frame that has a strong color as it would pull attention away from the picture. Always remember, a nice looking frame is a visual treat for all.

A clock with picture frames

Photo Collage: Selecting, editing and piecing together separate pictures can be tricky, but it gives an interesting touch. The frame can be chosen according to the theme of the pictures. If the photographs have an aesthetic frame with beautifully-carved gold leaf or white floral, it adds an intense look to space.

A Photo Collage

While hunting for a flat in Balewadi, one must look for spacious homes. So, that one could decorate each corner according to his wish. A good photo frame improves the beauty of the wall and the memories. Other than color, shape plays a vital role in creating the aura. With changing trends and technology, try different styles and shapes to add a variety in home décor.

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