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All the Tips you Need to Get your Home Loan Approval Instantly

At some point, most of us invest in real estate by buying a home in the course

of life. While buying a house used to be a simple affair in earlier times as

property rates were low and the process quite uncomplicated, things are rather

different now. If you are buying a home in today’s time, you have to be

prepared on several fronts. Zeroing in on a home loan that suits your particular

situation best would be the first step you take to buy your own home.

However, getting the home loan approved may feel like a bigger

challenge as it tends to demand considerable energy, patience, and readying of



If you have stepped into the second phase wherein you are endeavoring to

get your home loan approved, the following tips will come in handy and ease

the procedure for you:


Getting your Home Loan Approved without Hassles


Firming up a home loan and getting it approved is understandably seen as a

tedious process. It will be helpful if you try to turn your thoughts around and

instead go about it patiently with a positive state of mind. Don’t get flustered;

have a look at the pointers below and start readying yourself at your earliest


Home Loan



  1. Check your Eligibility: Determining your eligibility for a home loan is the first thing that you and the bank will ponder over. You’ll be asked to submit details like: Documents- Your PAN card, Aadhar card, passport, ration card, etc. Details of current employment (e.g. Appointment letter)Income proofSalary slip/ statement income tax returns details bank statement of last one year/ six months.


Note: Be ready with all these details much before you begin the process of application. Get enough photocopies of all the documents, have them attested from a competent authority and scan them for online procedure, which is a must in today’s times (on account of the COVID-19 pandemic situation and future use).


  1. Get Approved Limit Status: This step will help you take crucial decisions easily with respect to the exact amount that will be sanctioned and details of personalized interest rates based on your credit profile.


  1. Determining your CIBIL Score and Report: The bank calculates your credit history and creditworthiness on the basis of your CIBIL score. It is important to maintain a good financial track record in all the transactions and dealings you engage in right from the start. For example, make sure you pay your credit card dues on time always and maintain an adequate bank balance. The higher your score is, the better are the chances of your loan for home getting approved.


  1. Choose the Right Bank: Do intensive research about various banks that offer home loans. Compare and contrast the schemes they offer, their rate of interest, policies, and other details for lending home loans. Make sure you read the fine print before finalizing anything, no matter how monotonous it feels. You need to be aware of what you’re giving consent for in advance so there are no issues later.


If someone in your circle (family/friends) is engaged in this field and knows the

processes very well, request her/him to guide you. You’ll get a far better idea

about how to go ahead as you won’t be relying only on external sources.


Follow these guidelines for your real estate undertaking and be attentive, as

you are on the threshold of making a major investment that will matter

throughout your life.

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