Benefits of Alu-form Technology in Construction

Benefits of Alu-form Technology in Construction

New age construction technology is the need of the hour. With expanding city limits and a consistent increase in demand for residential and commercial properties across India, developers are swiftly embracing sophisticated and efficient techniques of quality construction.

Naiknavare Developers is a visionary in real estate and one of the pioneers in adopting Aluminium-form technology. We have extensively researched and completely indigenized the Alu-form technology, to provide a better living for all.

What is Alu-form technology?

Alu-form is a fast-paced construction method that offers strength and durability to a building by using aluminum formworks. It is cast around a factory-made steel mesh which is directly erected on the construction site. The panels interlock, forming a framework for the building’s superstructure.

After the forms are cast, high-quality concrete is poured in, which takes the shape of the cast, consequently forming a hard structure supported by wall reinforcing steel.

Its construction benefits:

  • Fast-pace

Cutting down on the need for messy brickwork, Alu-form technology reduces construction time by almost half, in comparison to conventional practices

  • Eco-friendly

The materials used are efficient, light-weight and flexible, doing away with concrete leakage and polluting construction equipment. The aluminum forms can be reused for nearly 250 times*, which results in minimum wastage from the construction site

  • Value for money

The cost of this technology is on par with traditional methods, considering it can be reused several times. This is a major advantage, especially when it comes to mass or affordable housing construction

  • Not labor-intensive

Since it has a set procedure to follow, it minimizes the need for skilled labor and eliminates labor-intensive activities such as masonry and rendering

  • Reliable

This method of construction makes buildings more seismic resistant and durable since the structure is one solid form of concrete. It also ensures uniformity – all the walls and slabs have a smooth finish

  • Design efficiency

It allows internal electrical fittings and plumbing to be incorporated with a high degree of design efficiency, and as a part of the overall building plan, which reduces the probability of electrical and plumbing failures

  • Flawless finish

The finished units are flawlessly balanced and streamlined, offering a clean and sophisticated look

As one of Pune’s leading developers, Naiknavare Developers have taken the responsibility of bringing you best-in-class homes that easy on the eyes and the environment. We’re elated to learn that the method is being accepted into Indian real estate, albeit slowly. Alu-form technology is the future and is here to stay!

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