Hidden Gems of Pune

Unbelievable Lesser-known Weekend Getaways near Pune


All of us have at least one favorite weekend getaway that we can’t resist escaping to at an appropriate opportunity. Pune has in its vicinity a host of enchanting escapes that attract people from other cities and towns as well. When it’s time for you to go on your weekend outing, why not head to a lesser-known place instead of the usual hill stations, retreats, places of attraction et al.?

Here are some awe-inspiring weekend getaways near Pune that are, in every sense, hidden gems waiting to be discovered by discerning travel enthusiasts:


  • Koyna

Koyna Backwaters, Maharashtra, India

While avid tourists rush to well-known locations like the famous hill stations like Lonavala, visiting a lesser frequented place like Koyna in Satara District in the Western Ghats is sure to leave you spellbound. Located at the state highway between Chiplun and Karad, off the Pune-Kolhapur route, the place is famous for:

  1. Koyna dam
  2. Koyna hydroelectric project- India’s largest completed hydroelectric power plant 
  3. Spectacularly rich ecosystem
  4. Wildlife sanctuary
  5. Adventure oriented activities
  6. Splendid resorts

and more, and yet isn’t frequented as much as other major places of interest by visitors. If you love going on long drives, taking off for Koyna will be even more exhilarating for you. 


  • Torna Fort

Torna fort. One of Shivaji’s hill forts in Pune ( Poona district). View from Budhla Machi (one of the turrets) in summer.

For trekking enthusiasts, Torna Fort is the perfect weekend trek escape to head to and feel one with the mighty Sahyadri mountain range. Set aside a day or two and spend a weekend at this captivating venue. Also known as Prachandagad, Torna Fort is one place that does not cease from springing surprises at every twist and turn. The trekking trail here takes you through Jhunjar Machi and Budhla Machi that give you marvelous glimpses into the unknown. 

Apart from trekking, you can also enjoy 

  1. Camping at the base of the fort 
  2. Nature walk
  3. Waterfalls
  4. The mesmerizing beauty of Nature
  5. Religious places

and more.


  • Tapola




Fondly called the Mini Kashmir of the West, Tapola is a picturesque village sited at the convergence point of the rivers Koyna and Solti. If you have a penchant for losing yourself in lesser-known natural sceneries in solitude, Tapola is the perfect destination that beckons genuine explorers like you. 

The main place of attraction in Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake, an expansive 90km long water body. You will make memories and gather a plethora of adventurous experiences at this lake, which has charmed every single person to have visited it.


Tapola also offers breath-taking sights and adventure activities like:

  1. Boating
  2. Water scooter rides far away from maddening travelers
  3. Visiting little known forts
  4. Jungle trekking
  5. Swimming kayaking

If you have an appetite for challenging jungle treks in mountain terrains, Tapola is where your heart will start sprinting. While you’re at it, you can drop in at the famous tourist attraction Mahabaleshwar since it’s close by. Another point that works in the advantage of visiting Tapola is that it’s a very safe place. It’s the perfect destination for solo travelers as well as for females- one more reason to be there right away.  

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  • Revdanda



If you are a true-blue beach lover who also loves biting into a slice of history and realize your religious pursuits, Revdanda is the ideal weekend getaway for you. Here’s a glimpse into the tourist attractions at this destination, which still remains largely hidden from the masses:

  1. Revdanda beach
  2. Revdanda Fort
  3. Korlai Fort
  4. Phansad Dam
  5. Datta Mandir
  6. Portuguese Church

This eclectic mix comprising ancient forts, religious places, and beaches will keep you riveted every moment. You can engage in water sports, beach games, camping, star gazing, and a lot more at Revdanda, a place you’ll want to visit again. 


  • Kambre


A tiny hamlet located at the banks of Andhra Lake, Kambre is one of the finest weekend getaways near Pune for solo travelers as well as an entire family. You can just lose yourself in Nature’s beauty manifested so majestically in: 

  1. Waterfalls
  2. Lakes
  3. Vast expansive spaces for exploration
  4. Breath-taking views
  5. Tent stay 
  6. Camping
  7. Rock climbing
  8. Rappelling
  9. Archery
  10. Rifle shooting

Quality accommodation facilities and excellent arrangements for adventure activities and trails make Kabre another wonderful option you’ll never forget.

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Instead of making a beeline for common weekend getaways near Pune, attempt something different by visiting any of these places the next time to create unforgettable memories.

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