Slum Rehabilitation as a Viable Project in Pune

Election time is the time to think of idealism, the nation, fellow countrymen and the lesser privileged in society. All of us do this in the spirit of the season, some more enthusiastically some less. But there are very few of us who actually continue this though process to any fruitful conclusion; and businesses doing so is even rarer. Hence when a noted Construction giant like Naiknavare Developers takes up slum rehabilitation with such enthusiasm it is a matter of great interest.

Ramtekdi is one of the naturally picturesque places in Pune. Famous among the youth for its mountains, natural scenic settings, the calm and beautiful lake and the breathtaking post sunset view. This place of serenity is also home to a slum settlement which is full of unsafe dwellings for Punekars who are unable to put a proper roof on their heads. These shanty towns breed every disease known to man. They are dangerous to live in and every day in these houses is an open invitation to an accident. People dwelling here are usually denied even basic human dignity by society at large. Slums are just an eyesore to the onlooker, but the root of almost every issue for the people dwelling in them.

Naiknavare Developers have found an economically viable solution for this housing problem, through their slum rehabilitation project at Ramtekdi. This project, spread over 15 acres of land, houses seven, 11 storied buildings. Each house here is a self sufficient dwelling, built economically without sacrificing strength or durability.

Every basic civic amenity has been conscientiously provided and taken care of. In addition to it, the developers have provided some spare houses in these buildings. These spare houses solve two purposes; firstly they provide an income to the residential society so that the expenses towards maintenance are fully met. Secondly such houses, on low rent will reduce the trend of migrants and the homeless drifting towards slums or creating newer shanty towns.

Whoever said commerce and idealism don’t go together needs to spend time in and around Naiknavare Developers’ slum rehabilitation projects.

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