Ever imagined your home at a place which is perfectly planned to give you an ultimate experience of Dwarka?

Unlike others, the Dwarka Township in Pune is undoubtedly one of the amazingly crafted and conceptualized projects that is inspired by the ancient city of Dwarka and has been based on the principles of the same to compliment each of the resident’s grandeur and stature in the Chakan location of Pune.

A project designed with such perfection, the township reaches out to as big as 130 acres at Chakan. The pattern that speaks of the sector wise township for people from various strata of society. If you feel this is it to this marvellous project, then wait! There is a lot more to it than what you just read!

In today’s world where a home is associated with multilevel emotions and feelings, a home, that gives you the greatest satisfaction each day when you return after a hectic day at work and spend time with family and friends at peace. You, like everybody else, would surely want such a place to stay where your mind is at peace and your body is relaxed.

At Dwarka, the architecture of the project is designed in such a way that the measures like rain water harvesting and rain water treatment to water the green plants and forest gardens make a perfect combination of technology with nature’s beauty right at your doorstep! The elegantly designed project will give you an extraordinary living experience like never before. The sectors constructed share common amenities like shopping complexes, entertainment and sports complexes, educational and medical facilities.

A one of its kind project that has a beautiful blend of nature and contemporary architecture, Dwarka is the place for you for the ideal living experience! The state of art amenities and exceptional ambience of your home at Dwarka will keep you attached to the home at all times.

If you feel you desire to have a home where your feel the ambience so calm and a place where your mind is at peace, body is relaxed and soul is rejuvenated even after spending tiresome day outside home at work, Dwarka homes are meant for you! the ideal match for all your desires for a home!

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