Water Conservation Guidelines by CREDAI for Pune Housing Societies


Water is a vital resource – an essential building block of life, and one that does more than just quench our thirst or protect our health. Till there is water, there is life. Knowing all of this have we ever thought living in a city like Pune, with population increasing exponentially, how far will we get with our existing water resources? 


Pune region gets it water supply from rivers Mula, Mutha, Indrayani and Pavana and few dams such as Khadakwasla, Panshet, Varasgaon, Temghar and Pavana dams. It has been observed that the population in Pune Metropolitan region, PMR is likely to rise 3 times in next 30 years and we have to make do with the existing water resources. As a matter of fact in 1970 the average ground water level was 20 feet which in 2020 is 200ft. 


What is alarming is that, with the depleting ground water, concentration of magnesium calcium and other elements in water will increase, which is not fit for consumption too. Although Pune receives good rainfall on an average however it may not suffice in years to come. We would need to find ways to reduce wastages and consume it more optimally.

As an informed citizen it is high time that we learn to conserve this valuable life-source.


In this regard CREDAI, Pune has come up with guidelines on Water Conservation for Pune Housing Societies. It is a must read to understand the criticality of Water Conservation-Why it must be done, general observations about current situation and future and how it may be done.  These guidelines give you specific details on how you have been using water and how should you be using now.


These guidelines aim at creating Water Warriors like you to assist water conservation measures for our children to see a future with not just adequate supply but also fit to be consumed. Give a quick read and be a Water Warrior now!

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