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Company Profile

Naiknavare Developers, one of India’s leading real estate developers is synonymous with crafting state-of-the-art revolutionary real estate concepts, technologies and innovations. Since its inception, team Naiknavare has successfully established itself to be a prominent real estate developer leaving an undeniable impact on all asset classes.

From starting out as a family-run enterprise led by technocrats, Naiknavare Developers continuous patronage to the real estate development sector has left a positive mark across, leaving optimistic experiences for all its stakeholders.

Envisioning building spaces for all strata of society while incorporating its core values of knowledge, integrity and commitment, Naiknavare Developers has been nurturing spaces to give you an experience like never before. Our constant need to deliver both quality and scale has allowed us to create a niche for ourselves in the real estate sector. We take pride in having established a distinct presence by redefining spaces and cultivating trust and reliability among our stakeholders.

With a legacy spanning over nearly 4 decades and guided by our vision to lead as India's most trustworthy brand, Naiknavare Developers has developed many landmark properties and transformed the skyline of cities like Pune, Navi Mumbai, Mumbai, Kolhapur and Goa. We have been consistently delivering the finest developments across various customer segments and markets, pricing ranges, and locations, making us one of the leading developers in India. Our work is testament to the fact that we deliver best-in-class design and top-tier amenities that emanates sophistication and superiority in every project we undertake. Starting from scratch, we have designed our residential spaces to provide residents with a holistic living experience through an array of amenities including fitness centres, swimming pools, community spaces and beautifully designed gardens.

With such a diverse portfolio that spans residential, commercial, retail, education, plotted developments, and more recently to redevelopment projects, Naiknavare has been revolutionizing living experiences with unparalleled developments that rank among the finest.

With a broad footprint of more than 60 projects delivered diligently for over nearly 4 decades, 18 million sqft of development delivered and about 6 million sqft currently underway, Naiknavare Developers has emerged as a powerful and vigorous force in the real estate sector.

We are committed to creating spaces that redefine luxury living and urban landscapes, while upholding the highest global standards in every project we undertake. Our motto “BUILT ON VALUES. TESTED OVER TIME is not just a motto but a guiding standard that drives us to go above and beyond in creating the finest of developments. Adhering to our core principles of knowledge, integrity, and commitment, we are focused on delivering unparalleled value for all our stakeholders.

Drawing on the knowledge, understanding and expertise of three generations, Naiknavare has had an irrefutable track record overcoming the numerous challenges of fluctuating economic conditions, ever-changing policies, technological and socio-cultural developments. Naiknavare is always ready to adapt to change to achieve higher goals within the real estate sector in the near future.

As a brand, we are also committed to more than just creating exceptional properties. We take utmost empathy and care to serve and transform the lives of the less fortunate by fostering positive social change. We are bound by our responsibility and dedication towards the social development of communities. Our slum rehabilitation projects aim to influence healthier living and instill a sense of hygiene, cleanliness and discipline. It is our belief that the improvement of the economically disadvantaged part of society will eventually lead to civilized, equitable, and ultimately a slum-free city.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of India’s most trusted brands by creating high-quality urban communities.

Our Mission

We bring this vision to life through a knowledge, integrity, and commitment-driven approach, ensuring guaranteed value for all our stakeholders. To effectively deliver our vision, our mission undertakes to create high-quality urban communities for all the diverse income levels in our nation to positively touch all strata of Indian society.