April 2020

They say, one should always look out for a silver lining amid dark clouds. So, here we are to help you out with that?

The time is tough,...

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Slum Rehabilitation Throughout India Till 2022: Is It Possible?
December 2019

While we bask in the glory of our country’s achievements in various sectors, where are we on the progress of the common man of India, somebody...

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Talk Of The Town: Avon Vista’s Sports-Centric Amenities
November 2019

What’s new in the ever-evolving city of Pune? Homes that care about your well-being, almost as much as you! These new luxury...

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Benefits of Alu-form Technology in Construction
October 2019

New age construction technology is the need of the hour. With expanding city limits and a consistent increase in demand for...

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5 Benefits of Investing Near Hinjawadi
September 2019

The ever-expanding city of Pune is brimming with education and job opportunities - the cause of a steady influx of people from across...

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Wait no more for a life full of celebrations at Esmeralda Goa
August 2019

Whoever says that Goa is just sun and sand, or just relaxing with friends is surely unaware of the recent developments in the state. This upbeat...

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Eminence- An Address only for the eminent in Pune
July 2019

‘EMINENCE’ as the name suggests, is everything about the extraordinary.

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5 Lessons from Scandinavian Homes to beat the winter blues
June 2019

December is a time when most of us feel low and just wish to curl up with the books to feel better. So, we decided to cheer you up with some...

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Benefits of Green Buildings and How India is Transforming
May 2019

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a nationally and internationally accepted rating system for the design, construction and...

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Is Green Housing the future of Real Estate in India?
April 2019

Today, the world observes India as a land of opportunity for investment and business. Everyone needs a home to live in. And that’s the...

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Extraordinary homes gaining prominence in Pune
March 2019

A home that is a perfect manifestation of one’s success and status is a long desired aspiration in life of many. However, for those who make...

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Investing in Real Estate? 5 Reasons to invest in the 2nd Best city to live in India - Pune
February 2019

Planning to invest in real estate? If yes, then consider Pune as one of the best options for your investment plans!

Here is why the...

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Eagle’s Nest – The Absolute Living!
January 2019

Residential spaces – a broad term that we often use to refer to a living space that the home buyers look for.

But, there are various...

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Reside at a hilltop!
November 2018

Pune has been a nest for people migrating from all parts of the nation. The city is an educational hub hat has students coming down to pursue...

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Not Just Houses, but Homes by Naiknavare Developers
August 2018

We all look for houses to have a home to live and that is where the difference between a home and a house comes into the picture. Having a home...

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8 Awesome ideas to use your Balcony space
June 2018

Balcony space is one of the less used spaces in any homes you see. How often do you sit and spend some time with your family or by yourself in the...

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Wait no more for a life full of celebrations at Esmeralda Goa
March 2018

Whoever says that Goa is just sun and sand, or just relaxing with friends is surely unaware of the recent developments in the state. This upbeat...

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Step Into The New World Of Comfort At Lakeshore Residency
January 2018

For Punekars, the ordinary no longer attracts. Aspirations have risen, businesses have developed, and more and more dwellers of the city are...

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A Frame for Your Delightful Memories
December 2017

A picture frame plays an important role in creating stories in a home. Each frame should be chosen to highlight an element of art in itself. The...

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Why Naiknavare Developers for your New Home?
October 2017

A home is not merely a little living space, but, has a lot deeper meaning to it. Buying a home is one of the most crucial financial decisions one...

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Lifestyle Features at Esmeralda in Kadamba, Goa
June 2017

In our previous post, we spoke about our residential project in Goa, Esmeralda. As said, this post is regarding the lifestyle features that are...

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EMINENCE- A realm of Pure Opulence
March 2017

Opulence has its own magic that has ruled the minds and hearts of millions of people all this while. However, when it comes to opulence in...

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Slum Rehabilitation as a Viable Project in Pune
September 2016

Election time is the time to think of idealism, the nation, fellow countrymen and the lesser privileged in society. All of us do this in the...

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Emotional Quotient of Home buying in India!
July 2016

India- the land of emotions! From the big wide smile on a child’s face that spreads across the face when handed over a small piece of...

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May 2016

Ever imagined your home at a place which is perfectly planned to give you an ultimate experience of Dwarka?

Unlike others, the Dwarka...

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