Slum Rehabilitation Projects

What is SRA?

According to the 2011 census report, 13.8 million households and about 64 million people, are located in city slums in India. This number is growing every year. As this number increases, so does the amount of unhealthy and unsafe homes. These factors hinder the overall development of a city.

With this in mind, the Government of Maharashtra brought an amendment to the Maharashtra Regional and Town Planning Act 56 and introduced a nodal agency, Slum Rehabilitation Authority (SRA). SRA brought forth a Slum Rehabilitation Programme that analyses existing positions of slum areas in a city. After examining, the committee devises plans for the rehabilitation of these identified slum areas and ensures that the slum rehabilitation scheme planned is executed the best of SRA's abilities. The SRA committee in India enables property developers to rehabilitate slum-dwellers in-situ and compensates the landowner and developer by awarding them with Transferable Development Rights (TDR).

As part of this programme, Naiknavare Developers Pvt. Ltd. has undertaken projects for slum rehabilitation across different cities such as Pune and Mumbai. With each of these projects, we aim to provide a permanent roof to maximum slum-dwellers and enhance their standard of living. Scroll down to learn about our slum rehabilitation projects such as Prathama, Parivartan. If you would like to be a partner in our new projects, get in touch with us right away.

Naiknavare Developers' Role in Slum Rehabilitation

As stated earlier, 64 million people, are located in city slums; and this figure is rising by the day. An increase in the number of slum dwellers affects the overall development of a city negatively. To keep up with our motto and contribute towards 'better living for all', we have decided to improve the standard of living of this weaker section of society through a permanent authorised structure.

With our slum rehabilitation projects, these individuals can fulfil their dreams of healthier living and inculcate a sense of hygiene, cleanliness and discipline. We believe, once the economically weaker section of the society improves, it will eventually lead to social upliftment, civilised living and a slum-free city.

This housing scheme uses optimal ground footprint and frees up land for commercial and other development. The best part about our slum rehabilitation projects is that we use the latest technology, such as ALU-FORM and Phytorid for construction. Thanks to such innovative methods of development, we have been able to use resources optimally and reduce costs. Let's look at how the SRA scheme benefits society as a whole.


  • Achieves the rehabilitation of slums and encroachment
  • Achieves its social objective of low-cost housing at no cost to taxpayers
  • Increased tax revenues
  • Open land value for infringed areas


  • Improved infrastructure and increased housing stock
  • An increase in the number of low-income housing options
  • Free space to construct better roads, drainage, and other civic amenities
  • A lower crime rate as more people are on the road towards literacy and public well being

Slum dwellers

  • Attain formal ownership rights to property and experience enhanced net worth achieved at zero cost
  • Leads to social upliftment and improved living conditions
  • Enhances the quality of life

Real estate developers

  • Gain access to develop projects in prime city locations
  • The lower land acquisition cost reduces the capital outlay by two-thirds

Lastly, developing slum rehabilitation is our way of giving back to society. It is the residents of different cities who have supported us on our journey to becoming the leading property developer in Pune. Now, it is our chance to contribute to the betterment of every city by improving the standard of living for slum dwellers, provide them with a permanent roof and eventually make the city slum-free.

To achieve our goal, we have completed and launched new projects in Pune and Mumbai. Scroll down for more details of our slum rehabilitation projects.

SRA Process

To launch a slum rehabilitation project, we follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Acquisition & inspection of the title document of the land
  2. Land survey and measurement
  3. Sale deed of the land
  4. Study of the city development plan for zoning demarcation, road widening etc.
  5. Conducting a cadastral survey
  6. Getting the consent of slum dwellers
  7. Collection of biometrics of the residents including their pictures with their respective houses
  8. Submitting the redevelopment proposal to Slum Redevelopment Authority (SRA) office
  9. Scrutiny fee payment & liaison with the SRA office for approvals
  10. Getting the official list of residents from SRA office & publishing it in two newspapers for objections & suggestions
  11. Objection handling hearings to be conducted and solutions arrived at
  12. Appeals of ineligible residents to be submitted to SRA office
  13. The final list of eligible beneficiaries to be published
  1. Fulfilment of all statutory requirements & submission of all statutory documentation including all survey maps, land measurement certifications, title search reports, third party feedbacks etc.) - '3K' process completion
  2. Getting '3D' certification for rehabilitation from the SRA office
  3. Getting administrative accreditation from SRA - SR 4(5)
  4. Getting the land vacated by shifting residents into the transit camp or shifting to rented accommodation by paying rent on their behalf and completing statutory documentation of such arrangements
  5. Getting orders from SRA office to shift residents who are reluctant to move out and carry out their lawful evacuation with the help of SRA authorities
  6. Executing the lottery process for allocation of residential units in the new building with the help of the SRA office
  7. Executing the society formation process with required documentation
  8. Executing the agreements for each residential unit/flat in the rehabilitated building
  9. Conducting the first general body meeting of the society after its formation and appointing interim committee members
  10. Executing the conveyance deed of the handed over society


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