8 Awesome ideas to use your Balcony space

8 Awesome ideas to use your Balcony space

Balcony space is one of the less used spaces in any homes you see. How often do you sit and spend some time with your family or by yourself in the balcony at home?

May be thrice a week, or maybe only on the weekends when you don’t have to go out anywhere and just want to sit peacefully dreaming and thinking of various things in your free time.

So, why not have a balcony space that encourages you to spend more time, the time you would spend at home each day? Here are 8 awesome ideas to use your Balcony space and make it look refreshing:

  1. To begin with, the flooring of the balcony can be changed to something of wood. You can get it done with some interlocking wooden tiles to cover the footage of the balcony area.
  2. If not wood, you can try using a table cloth with a water-based polyurethane coating to create an outdoor rug for your balcony.
  3. How about putting some crates to better use in the form of end table stool or tables for your balcony? Give it a try, you will love it!
  4. If your balcony looks dull, why not try some refreshing colors to the old objects and give your balcony a new refreshing look?
  5. Cushions! Yes! The things you will definitely love your balcony! Use some cushions to add the comfort quotient to your balcony.
  6. Miniature plants and herbs hanging in the balcony can cover the bit for missing elements in the space to make you feel good.
  7. Turning your balcony space into some charming, well lit, comforting space can be a good idea with the use of some floating candles or LED lights.
  8. Last, but not the least, how about bringing in small some stones/rocks painted in different colors to fill the ambiance with some energetic and lively colors? This will provide a whole new look and feel to your balcony!

So, when are you trying these for your balcony space at home?

Let us know if you too have some ideas to share with us. We’ll love to share your ideas with our readers as well!

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