They say, one should always look out for a silver lining amid dark clouds. So, here we are to help you out with that?

The time is tough, but there is always something bright beyond it. All the investors out there, this shout out is exclusively for you. This pandemic has taught us a number of things like having your own house can save you from several uncertainties, real estate property is a much more reliable asset, and so on. 

But, maybe there is a question hovering around your mind that why should you invest during this period? We will tell you the reasons! 

The first reason is that March 2020 witnessed a clear drop of 0.75 basis points in repo rate due to the monetary policy decision of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). This drop in repo rate has made home loans quite attractive for potential home buyers. This reduction has ultimately resulted in the lowest interest rates of the decade, between 7.20% and 8.05%, for both public and private sector banks.

Probably, this is the right time to hit the nail on the head for all those who dream of having their own house one day. So, it’s your time to take the leap. Just grab it with the help of any of the real estate developers in Pune. We all know how low-interest rates can help us all. But, it’s time we look at some more angles.

The real estate market is currently witnessing a stagnancy in prices, and this will remain a trend till the lockdown gets over. Once the condition gets normalized, the costs will again rise. So, observing the current situation, this is the ideal time to invest in real estate.

Also, right now, builders and developers in Puneare keen to keep their sales stable, so they are giving out huge discounts and offers on their properties. This might not be the case when things come under control. So, you know when is the right time!

Now, when you have a lot of time on your hands, what can you do? You can do extensive research and then invest according to all the pros and cons. This will, in turn, give you a higher degree of satisfaction, either it is the case of ready possession flats in Pune or commercial office spaces in Pune. 

And, after you are content with your research, you will finally come down to your final choice. The lockdown will again help you here, as builders are at present offering a ‘Book Online’ option. So, after making your decision, you would be able to reserve your place at your ease.

Along with this, let us also talk about some figures. According to the reports, in China, as the dark hours of Pandemic diminished, the housing market sales tripled in 30 major cities. This shows that the Indian real estate market also has a high probability to spring back to life once the pandemic gets over. 

We all know that things are getting stressful day by day, but we also know that we would win this war. So, when we are ready for the present, why shouldn’t we also shape our future?


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