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Building Values

Naiknavare Developers - Building Values

At Naiknavare Developers, we follow a set of principles that guide us towards achieving our vision through the projects we undertake. Over the course of three decades, these principles have become our pillars of success and have distinguished us from conventional real estate developers in the industry. These pillars have helped us emerge as one of the most trustworthy and transparent real estate companies of Pune. Our ultimate goal is not just to meet customer expectations but to exceed them.

Hemant Naiknavare talking about building values for all!

At Naiknavare Developers, we do not want to restrict ourselves to providing housing solutions only. We aim to become an organisation which can serve everyone's needs. That's why we focus on creating a seamless experience 'for all'. From housing and retail to commercial and educational, we want to provide real estate solutions that serve every part of society. Working across different segments will help us become a one-stop solution for all real estate needs, and lead to cross-learning and quality enhancement of our services. From residential and commercial properties to schools and slum rehabilitation projects, we have stepped into almost every sector to create a unique and exciting experience for everyone.

Naiknavare Developers on Customer-Centricity

Iterating the wise words of Robert Half, we firmly believe that 'when the customer comes first, the customer will last'. As a result, we endeavour day in and day out to offer a transformative experience to every customer. From understanding their requirements, creating and executing the designs and ensuring customer satisfaction, we leave no stone unturned to serve our customers. We put our customers at the centre and design experiences around them to fulfil their short-term and long-term needs — eventually enhancing their entire lifestyle.

To ensure our customers can have a seamless experience before and after buying any property from us, our team takes the following initiatives:

  • Newly on-boarded customers receive a feedback call every 45 days to answer any queries and ensure transparency
  • Patrons receive quarterly newsletters informing them about significant news and updates
  • We organise the patrons' meet twice a year to inform our customers about the construction status of a project and give them a chance to interact with us, discuss important issues, and convey their valuable feedback
  • Interested buyers are always presented with a sample flat to help them make an informed decision

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Hemant Naiknavare's take on Efficiency

We focus on the efficiency of thought, product, and service. One of our methods to do this is by using innovative technology. We believe new technologies help us become more customer-centric by getting jobs done efficiently and effectively. As every project serves a different purpose, each one needs a unique technology. Our management team and subject-matter experts strive to come up with groundbreaking and sustainable tech solutions which enhance the overall customer experience. Over the years, we have introduced solutions to improve our construction techniques, reduce time and cut costs. One such example is our Aluminium Formwork System, which puts an end to construction irregularities. Along with this, we use Phytorid Wastewater Treatment Technology, Cellular Lightweight Concrete Block, The PLASWALL™ System and more. At Naiknavare Developers, we don't just focus on introducing new high-tech solutions, but also take into account their impact on sustainability. This helps us ensure that we can lower our impact on the environment and promise a better future to our customers.

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Naiknavare Developers on Building Successful Communities

We aim to build successful communities through every activity we undertake. To build strong communities, we analyse how every choice we make will impact our customers, the environment and society as a whole. Whether it is deciding the design layout or the amenities for each project, every little decision is taken only after ensuring that it will lead to a positive experience and contribute towards a prosperous community. As part of our commitment, we undertake a range of CSR initiatives and serve different sections of society. We continuously work with various trusts and organisations that function to make this world a better place to live in. We are also an active member of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), which focuses on providing affordable housing. From slum rehabilitation projects and schools to skill development training sessions and initiatives to protect our environment, every venture is a small step towards nurturing tomorrow's innovators, skilled professionals and a better society for everyone.

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Naiknavare Developers on Learning

In Doug Conant's words -'To win the marketplace, you must first win in the workplace'. This is what drives us to create a culture where we are open to learning, bringing new ideas to the table and providing our team members with new experiences to enhance their skills. Our backward integrated work structure provides plenty of learning opportunities. Our team members get abundant chances to interact closely with the directors, which help them grow, understand and work better. We believe our employees are our most significant assets. To ensure that our team members support us and help us flourish, we organise regular learning and development programmes, training sessions, award ceremonies and more. Thanks to our collaborative and encouraging work environment, our employees have been with us for 20+ years now. At Naiknavare Developers, we ensure that our team members can strike the perfect work-life balance.

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