Parivartan handover ceremony

Pune May 31st, 2019


Naiknavare Developers is now all set to strengthen their footprint in Slum Rehabilitation projects.

The firm has taken up 2 SRA projects in 7.41 acres near Dandekar Bridge. In this project, 192 flats and seven shops were handed over in a special ceremony by Dr. Nitin Kareer, Principal Secretary, Urban Development organized on 1st of June 2019. Another Director of the company, Ranjit Naiknavare, was present amongst the dignitaries.

The slum rehabilitation projects of 1, 65,204 sq. meters constitute 7,964 hutments. After their successful endeavour in the SRA sector in Pune, this company has now entered 'Mumbai's SRA portfolio with a project in Vakola, Mumbai on 48,370 Sq. meters of land area.

The 2 SRA projects near Dandekar Bridge are named ''Parivartan'', and the other is yet unnamed. Both the plans consist of 3 buildings each. One building in the 'Parivartan' project is completed, and 192 flats and seven shops are already handed over.

Along with this, Naiknavare is also coming up with SRA projects at Satara Road, Mangalwar Peth- Juna Bazaar, Ramtekdi and University road.

Hemant Naiknavare mentioned that the flats in Dandekar Bridge SRA project are handed over after completing the required legal procedure, such as obtaining occupancy certificate and formation of a society of residents. "This is probably the first project that is handing over flats after all these procedures", he said.

He added, "we, at Naiknavare, believe that slum rehabilitation is imperative to raise the standard of living for slum dwellers. And, for this, an authorized dwelling unit is the first step towards a brighter future. This, in turn, will bring about a marked improvement in their hygiene, health and provide them with a dignified & secure lifestyle. So this sector is significant for us."

"The SRA projects currently follow the Compensatory FSI Model. However, considering the current market scenario, this model is not self-sufficient. It is a matter of pride for us to be able to complete this SRA project in such a situation. I feel that the government must intervene to boost the SRA sector. Otherwise, it will be difficult to come up with new SRA projects leaving the cities crowded with slums", pointed out Hemant Naiknavare.

Ranjit Naiknavare said, "We have been working towards the cause of social and affordable housing since last 20 years. During this period, we have developed our ALU-Form technology. This technology is a market leader across the world for affordable housing. It allows us to create seamless surfaces within every house that are monolithically cast, that helps us in the robustness of the structure. The transition from horizontal living to vertical living requires a lot of attention to detail. We have implemented the energy-saving and sewage treatment plant in our project. We also have developed large common areas and common spaces on every floor in our SRA buildings."

This is just the beginning of our projects for slum rehabilitation. With time, we aim to build more such apartments at an affordable cost to improve the way of living for slum dwellers.