Naiknavare Developers Management team

Naiknavare Developers – Management Team

Naiknavare Developers Pvt. Ltd. began as a dream, like most organizations. Our esteemed leaders bootstrapped the company right after graduation. Ever since, our aim has been to cater to every need in the real estate sector from affordable to luxury housing. To ensure that we stay true to our vision, we have strived to create an in-house team of highly qualified architects and designers. Our team can effectively provide high-quality architectural solutions and innovative designs to ensure that our customers get the best services.

Our committed team of 300+ members, with their expertise and excellent domain knowledge, have consistently provided the best in real estate. Here are a few of our key members who have helped us reach where we are today.

Board of directors
Hemant Naiknavare
Hemant Naiknavare

Director | B.E. (Civil), LL.B.

With the tenacity of an institution building entrepreneur, Hemant led the company...

Ranjit Naiknavare
Ranjit Naiknavare

Director | B.E. (Civil), M.S. (Structural Engineering) and M.B.A. (Finance)

Ranjit is a hardcore professional committed to providing quality and value to the company's...

Other Shareholders
D.P. Naiknavare
Late D. P. Naiknavare

Chairman Emeritus | B.E. (Mechanical and Electrical)

Teacher, Manager, Technocrat, Entrepreneur and Chief Mentor, Shri D. P. Naiknavare - Dadasaheb...

Gauri Naiknavare
Gauri Naiknavare

Chief Architect

As Gauri say's "Spaces touch every aspect of our lives. Its impact on life is all-encompassing...

Anand Naiknavare

Head: Business Process | AA Diploma, London | RIBA Part 1, RIBA Part 2

An enthusiastic designer, passionate about the construction industry and new innovation...

Anand Naiknavare

GM: Team building & Operations | B.S Civil Engineering, Illinois | Specialization in Project Management

Light-hearted, genuine, analytical, and patient, Neel has worked as a professional...

Senior Management
Sandesh kanile
Sandesh Kanpile

Chief Engineer

As Chief Engineer and as head of the engineering division, Sandesh, with over 20 years...

Pramod Thakar
Pramod Thakar

Chief Architectural Engineer

As one of the oldest member of Naiknavare Developers, Pramod Thakar is also the unofficial historian...

Aurna Sawant
Aruna Sawant

Chief Officer | Liaisoning

Aruna has the unenviable task of liasoning with Govt. offices, maintaining data and relations...

Shankar Khetawat
L. T. Khetawat (Shankar)

General Manager | Land & SRA

The oldest employee of the company, Khetawat, holds the prime portfolio of 'Land and Acquisitions...

Krupali Kadam
Krupali Kadam

Principal Consultant | Structural Design

Krupali Kadam has built her career methodically just like the structures she has designed...

Vishal Thorat
Vishal Thorat

Chief Electrical Engineer and Associate

This livewire engineer could teach the regulatory bodies a few things about energy savings...

Rajashree Swami
Rajashree Gajbhar

Deputy General Manager | IT / Systems

As the head of IT / Systems Department, Mrs. Rajashree carries 19 years of experience...

Manjusha Bhorkar
Manjusha Bhorkar

Senior Associate Architect

She has completed a Diploma in Architecture initially along with a Degree in Architecture...

Sunil Mulik
Sunil Mulik

Senior Manager | Budgets (PMD)

With a total experience of 25 years in the construction field, Sunil has been working with Naiknavare Developers...