The Ramtekdi slum is spread across 50 acres. To rehabilitate the slum dwellers in this area, we took over 15 acres of this land and started our pilot project 'Prathama'. This redevelopment programme consists of 7 buildings with 11-stories providing a permanent roof to 1176 families. We completed the first phase of this project in 2015 and handed over well-built homes to 516 families. Each unit in these buildings is a self-contained house of 25 square meters and is equipped with basic civic amenities and community facilities.

Thanks to this project, the quality of life for these rehabilitated families has improved tenfold. 'Prathama' has given them a home which is not located in an overcrowded environment or surrounded by waste. We are proud to announce that each flat has a kitchenette & a bathroom; which helps them access clean water, better sanitation and waste disposal. The individuals residing here have witnessed a significant increase in the amount of daylight, ventilation and privacy. Along with spacious flats, we have large common areas on every floor for families to come together and relax under a shared space. Plus, the lobbies are filled with colourful paintings; which add more life to the entire building.

Our redevelopment initiative is not limited to only building affordable flats in Pune and Mumbai. To ensure each of these families can grow personally and lead a better lifestyle, we offer free tuition classes for Mathematics & English to the children.

The rehabilitation has also brought down the crime rate in the locality, as the younger members in the rehabilitated families work towards increased literacy and civic well being. As the members run the society themselves, they feel more responsible for their surroundings. An openness to collaborate with other members and the willingness to build a better community is observed amongst the members.

The best part about our slum rehabilitation projects is that we use the latest construction technology, such as ALU-FORM and Phytorid sewage treatment plans. Due to such innovative methods of development, we have been able to build a robust structure, use resources optimally and reduce costs.

Inauguration ceremony of Maths and English tuition classes

Lottery event for flat allotment