Parivartan Redevelopment Scheme

For our second slum rehabilitation project, we set our eyes on the slum dwellers located near Dandekar Bridge. We aimed to transform the lifestyle of the people dwelling in that locality, hence the project was named Parivartan.

We understood the attention to detail that is required when transitioning from horizontal to vertical living. We knew the challenges we would face and came up with solutions from the get-go. For instance, to ensure that our structure is robust and affordable, we used our patented ALU-FORM technology. Today, ALU-FORM is the market leader when it comes to affordable housing. We have also implemented energy-saving sewage treatment (Phytorid) plants in this project.

To ensure that we preserve the fabric of community living, Parivartan has large common areas, common spaces on every floor, and lively wall paintings to enable the residents in coming together as a happy community.

On 31st May 2019, we handed over 192 flats and seven shops to those living in the area. The special ceremony was conducted by Dr Nitin Kareer, Principal Secretary, Urban Development. Before we handed over the apartments, we completed all the required legal procedures, such as obtaining occupancy certifications and formation of a society of residents.

We believe this will bring about a marked improvement in the health of the residents of this locality and provide them with a dignified & secure lifestyle. Over the years, we aim to build more apartments like Parivartan to improve the standard of living for slum dwellers.