Emotional Quotient of Home buying in India!

India- the land of emotions! From the big wide smile on a child’s face that spreads across the face when handed over a small piece of chocolate to the nostalgic feelings and sentiments of a man who steps out of the house to explore the world of opportunities for better living. Emotions surround each one of us and a storm of feelings explodes as we tend to feel some sense of belonging or attachment to any person or materialistic things associated with us.

However, when it comes to buying a property for ourselves and our family and dear ones, we become skeptical regarding the decisions we need to take while choosing the true reflection of our dream property. This perplex situation often puts us in a place where we need to choose between our aspirations and our affordability. If we think of a common man’s aspiration, just the fulfillment of the basic need for shelter is what he desires to have. Stepping into the shoes of the common man, we realize what a difference having a home of our own makes in his life in the society.

“I have been working as a tea vendor and have seen my father working day and night to save some money to have a small house of our own.” said Suhas. His face seemed dull and showed the failed attempts to buy a home for his family. Looking at the faces of the people who aspire to own a small home in the city, who speak about the failed attempts, feels no better. However, watching people working hard to realize their dream of having a property of their own, which they can refer to as a home of their own, is motivating!

Emotions carry us to a world of aspirations which gives us the hope to look forward to a day when we have them fulfilled. So all we need to do is never give up to realize your dreams as dreams do come true!

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