Buying an Apartment in a Senior Living Project – Key Factors to Consider

Buying an apartment in a Senior Living project is not regular home buying. Those seeking such a home have mostly fulfilled their responsibilities towards their parents, children, and organizations and are independent and free. After years of toil and the burden of responsibilities, this is the time when they focus on themselves. The seniors need communities that cater to their physical, mental, and social needs and let them live life to the fullest. Many see retirement as the beginning of a more enjoyable time. Healthier lives and involvement in activities they could not engage in given their responsibilities and time constraints. 


Why are Senior Living Projects gaining popularity in India?


The earlier senior living segment was more about old age homes that were mostly forsaken by their children. In recent years, the senior living concept has gained popularity as children move to foreign lands to pursue their careers, and the parents back in India need a setup where their needs are taken care of. Also, the joint family system is dissolving now; we live in nuclear families where the couple is working. Having a setup where day-to-day requirements, domestic help, provision of meals, etc., are taken care of is what we aspire to.


Pune brings to you Kutumb-Powered by Primus, India’s first Inter-Generational Living concept. Promoting quality living for senior citizens, Kutumb is a boon for seniors who either live alone or have working children who can’t personally take care of them for professional reasons. Coming from the house of Naiknavare Developers, the project offers unique services to the residents that facilitate a better quality of life. 


Located in Vadgaon Maval, Talegaon, Pune, Kutumb offers 2BHK, 3BHKs, row houses and duplexes. The exquisite services that make Kutumb an excellent project for senior living are provided by Primus, a Bengaluru-based company. The professionalism of the company managing the project also matters a lot. At Kutumb, you may trust and rely on Primus. They have rich experience in providing services for elderly care. 


Naiknavare Developers and Primus have come together to offer this unique senior living project in Pune that you must check out if you have been looking for one. 


Buying an apartment in a senior living project allows you to focus on your work while your home and the elderly at home are well taken care of. In case the seniors stay alone, there are people to take care of them. 


Factors to consider before buying an apartment for senior living


Healthcare Services


As you age, you need medical supervision now and then. Proximity to a healthcare center or a hospital is among the foremost factors that must be considered for senior living. At Kutumb, doctors, nurses, and an ambulance are readily available. When people are enrolled for medical services, there is a detailed check-up done. An ambulance takes care of any emergency. You may easily access medical records whenever required. 


For physical disabilities that happen with age, there are Group Physiotherapy sessions that are held on alternate days. 


The availability of medical services is of paramount importance for families where elders and children are alone at home. Every home has been provided with a panic button/ a personalized device for any emergency. The buildings have been designed such that the elevators allow smooth stretcher movement.


Housekeeping Services


Another critical service that must be provided in a senior living project is the provision of housekeeping services. The senior lot needs help with household cleaning; they can barely manage their work. At Kutumb, you get a monthly deep-cleaning service, pest control, and a basic cleaning facility at home. 


Facility for cooked meals


Many times, senior citizens need help with meals. Getting cooked meals is a boon for a family where the couple is working and doesn’t need to depend on someone to provide food for their children and the elderly at home. At Kutumb, there is an –in-house restaurant that serves all meals to the residents. 


Concierge Desk


For local travel or outstation, you either book and pay online or reach out to an agency to make bookings for you, where, again, you may need to visit their office. Having a concierge desk that takes care of your travel bookings (local or outstation), bill payments, etc., is a boon for senior citizens. A dedicated team to help them allows them to get their work done sitting at home. 

Kutumb offers Concierge services to its residents. All your bookings for taxis, travel, and bill payments are taken care of.


Social Amenities


When buying an apartment in a senior living project, you must look at the amenities it offers to the elderly. That is the age when they have no responsibilities and have ample free time. They look forward to socializing and getting together to celebrate festivals. At Kutumb, the activity center hosts several activities and festivals for the residents. There are movie screenings, musical events, and carnivals. , etc. You may organize personal functions like birthdays and anniversaries.

When buying an apartment in a senior living project, people primarily look at the services and care offered by the project. Kutumb-Powered by Primus hosts facilities, services, and care that are designed to meet the needs of senior citizens. 

Final Thought

Kutumb-Powered by Primus is a redefining senior living project with an unwavering commitment to the well-being and happiness of its residents. If you’ve been searching for a place that values your independence and quality of life, look no further. We are pleased to announce that we have ready possession, and we have already started giving possession to our residents.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience the best in senior living. Book your apartment at Kutumb today and embark on a new chapter filled with comfort, convenience, and community. Your well-deserved retirement can truly be the beginning of a more enjoyable and fulfilling life. Book now and make the most of your golden years!


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