Why Should You Invest in Rera-Registered NA Plots

Why Should You Invest in Rera-Registered NA Plots

Real estate investment is a popular form of investing in India, and in case it is an investment in land, you are certainly looked upon as privileged. However, buying land doesn’t come easy if you’re buying from individuals. Document check, Title check, paperwork, all of these tasks are quite cumbersome. Of late, there has been a changing trend in buying residential plots; the developers are offering plots on sale, which are generally part of a gated community. Purchase of land through reputed developers ensures that your investment is safe. If you, too, have been scanning a piece of land for yourself, check out Plotting projects in Talegaon and Chakan Pune by Naiknavare Developers.


The Appeal of Independent Houses on RERA Registered NA Plots


Independent houses built on RERA-registered NA plots are in great demand in Pune. For those who can afford it, having a standalone home gives them the privacy they want. If you are done with the flat-living culture, buying a residential NA plot and creating your abode is the best thing to do. 


Avasa Grassland is RERA-registered and is part of a huge township project in Chakan, Dwarka. The project offers you fully-serviced RERA Registered NA Plots in Chakan Pune in different sizes. People these days look to buy land in a gated community set up, which gives them the privilege to create and design their home and at the same time enjoy all the amenities & benefits of a flat. Avasa Grassland fits the bill perfectly. 


Before we delve into project details, let us figure out why you should invest in RERA-registered NA plots.


Significance of RERA Registered Plots 


Importance of RERA-registered plots


Real Estate Regulation & Development Act (RERA) safeguards the interests of property buyers, ensures accountability of developers, transparency in communication, and timely delivery of projects. As per RERA, for launching a project, whether commercial or residential, where the land is over 500 square meters or eight apartments, one needs to register with the RERA authority.


Developer Responsibilities Associated with RERA


The builders or developers have to publish all the details, such as sanctioned plans, layouts, etc. and need to get all the clearances before they advertise or sell any property. You can check online on the RERA website about every detail of your chosen project. The builders need to provide quarterly updates on construction updates, government approval taken, or approval pending list & completion schedule.


The developer has to transfer 70% of the money received from customers to an escrow account. This way, the developer will use that money only for the project you invested in and not others, and they can withdraw this money only after approvals from engineers and chartered accountants they appoint. 


When buying a property under RERA, the buyer’s interests are well protected. So before you book a property, ensure it’s RERA Registration.


Benefits of Buying from a Reputable Developer


When you purchase a residential NA plot from a reputable developer, all your legal documentation, necessary approvals paperwork, and formalities are done by the developer, so you need not worry about it. Besides, having land in a gated community gives you access to a variety of amenities, too. 


Rising Popularity of Residential NA Plots


Residential NA plots in premium projects are gaining popularity nowadays. People are willing to spend money to stay in a standalone home with all gated community amenities. 


Avasa Grassland – Your Dream Abode


Avasa Grassland


Avasa Grassland is part of Dwarka, a 65-acres residential township project by Naiknavare Developers. Loaded with amenities, the USP of the project is the access it provides to a forest park spread over 4 acres. Living in a city, we’re always longing for a dream abode set amidst calm, serene, and green environs. Book yourself RERA Registered NA Plots in Chakan Pune at Avasa Grassland and create your dream abode in the lush green backdrop. 


Constructing your house as per your liking and preferences is the most satisfying experience. Design your layout in your own way, not a copy-paste of others. Pick the hues you want, and style it traditional, contemporary, or fusion; the canvas is all yours. Even if you have a limited budget, you can still create your ideal home. Design your home as per your taste and preferences and enjoy your privacy and the benefits of a gated community all at the same time. 


It has been observed that in the long run, the value of land appreciates more. Also, because there is less availability of legal land in community projects. You don’t just buy a piece of land at Avasa Grassland; and you are investing for your future.




Investing in real estate, particularly in RERA-registered NA plots like those offered at Avasa Grassland by Naiknavare Developers, presents a secure and promising opportunity. As the demand for independent homes in gated communities continues to rise, these plots provide an ideal canvas for creating your dream abode, offering both privacy and access to a range of amenities.


In today’s world, where security and comfort are paramount, investing in a residential NA plot is an investment in your future. For those looking to embrace a peaceful suburban lifestyle while maintaining close proximity to the city, Avasa Grasslands RERA Registered NA Plots in Chakan Pune is an opportunity to secure your piece of paradise. Don’t just buy land; invest in your dreams and your future with Avasa Grassland.

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