Home Office Ideas to Convert small areas to a Work Space

Home Office Ideas | Convert these small areas to a Work Space

The COVID-19 virus has unleashed untold hardships on all of us. As the world has been grappling with the worsening claws of the virus, the concept of work from home (WFH) is proving to be an effective solution to keep it going. Organizations around the world have switched over to the WFH mode and looking at the current situation, it is evident that home offices are here to stay. It will indeed take a considerable amount of time for office spaces to reopen and become fully functional like before. Till that time, whether you reside in a 3 or 4 BHK in Pune (or a similar metro), working from home is the safest way to go forward. Most of us have created our own new workspace within our residence for ourselves.


For home buyers looking for a new residence, experts are recommending considering the new normal and WFM factors. Those who are residing in existing homes need to create the right workstation at home. Further, in families where more members work, making arrangements accordingly for all of them is also very important.

Home office ideas that’ll help you identify the ideal places given below to carve out the perfect workstation at home


  1. Guest room
  2. Balcony
  3. 0.5 bedroom in a 2.5 (or bigger configuration) BHK apartment 
  4. Storeroom


1. Guest Room


Guest Room


If you have a separate guest room for visitors, the current phase necessitates making use of it as people are not very likely to come to visit you now. A 3 bhk in Pune usually has a guest room, so if you reside in one, you have a great solution at hand. Set up proper furniture in the right spot (preferably near a window for natural light and fresh air) as it will make your guest room turn into the perfect workstation, much like your own cabin in your office. As for the furniture, you can look at pieces with ample storage facility and ergonomic seating for added advantage.


2. Balcony




A balcony may seem unusual to work from, but it can double into a fabulous workstation if done up properly. To begin with, tasteful shades and blinds can be used to pack the open space (partially or fully); you don’t have to build a concrete wall to pack the open space of your balcony. You can use vertical storage and decoration to make optimal use of your balcony area and also pick compact yet comfortable furniture accordingly.


3. 0.5 bedroom in a 2.5 (or bigger configuration) BHK apartment


A 0.5 bedroom is a very valuable space in luxury apartments in Pune. Among other things, it can be converted into a perfectly compact workplace that is functional and comfortable. You can add suitable furniture including wall-mounted fittings that work great in smaller spaces. You can also keep foldable chairs and tables to conserve space and in case someone comes visiting.


4. Storeroom




A storeroom will give you comparatively more space to set up your workstation in. If you cannot move the extra stuff kept in the storeroom outside, you can let it remain there while setting up your workstation. Use more storage units as furniture, for instance as a settee or lounger with storage space inside where you can store things. Make use of the other décor ideas mentioned above (such as using light shades on walls so they make your ‘workplace’ appear brighter and peppy) to transform your new ‘office’.

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Some more Home Office Ideas to Ponder on


Apart from setting up your residential workstation in the right corner, you need to pick the furniture pieces and create a welcoming décor (of course, whatever’s manageable in the current situation). You may be interacting with people remotely now and then, hence having tasteful background and furnishings is undoubtedly important.


Project developers building luxury apartments in Pune provide umpteen possibilities with the above-mentioned spaces, which you can now utilize for an important purpose like creating a home office for yourself.

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