Investing In Real Estate: Why Naiknavare Developers Is A Top Choice

Investing In Real Estate: Why Naiknavare Developers Is A Top Choice

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to attain financial freedom. Having a diligently selected real estate portfolio ensures a handsome rental income and excellent ROI (return on investment). In a city like Pune, which has no dearth of real estate projects to choose from, picking the right developer to bet your money on is quite a challenge. Delayed deliveries and poor construction quality only add to the dilemma. There are few developers you may blindly trust owing to their reputation, goodwill, and excellent customer reviews, Naiknavare Developers being a top choice in Pune. 

The Naiknavare Legacy 

Naiknavare Developers have earned an enviable reputation and love from its clients. Ever Since its inception in 1986, the group has been raising the bar year after year with its excellent performance, construction quality, innovative designs, immaculate execution, and transparent communication with clients. Naiknavare Developers has completed over 55+ projects and has an outstanding leadership team that inspires the right values and motivates its employees. Ranjit Naiknavare, the Director, is now the President of CREDAI Pune Metro. In 2022, Naiknavare Developers were recognized as Pune’s real estate icons 2022.

Why is Investing in Real Estate Worth its Value?

When investing, there are many options to choose from: stocks, mutual funds, government bonds, currencies, gold, etc. However, Investing in real estate is considered the most secure investment option of all. Investing in real estate is investing in a tangible asset. If you have invested in a property and can’t find tenants, or if the rentals are low, you can still sell it to make a profit. Real estate investments fetch secured returns on your investment. Another popular investment option, the stock market, is quite a risky bet where, in case of a collapse, you may lose all your money. 

Pune is home to immense real estate investment opportunities Naiknavare Developers is a reputed name in Pune real estate circles. They were named the ‘Real Estate Icons 2022’ at a prestigious Coffee Table Book launch event. So what makes the group a top choice for real estate investment? Let us explore.

Why Are Naiknavare Developers One of The Best in Pune?

Company Mission & Vision 

Naiknavare Developers aim to build an ever-lasting relationship with their customers. They follow a customer-centric approach and strive to maintain transparency in all spheres of business conduct. This integrated company endeavors to address changing urban and peri-urban property development needs in India and design all kinds of properties: community-living set-ups, mini-townships, world-class offices, entertainment centers, etc. 

Integrity & Trust/ Ethical Practices

Naiknavare Developers believe in following ethical business practices; good ethics means good business. The group is transparent in all its dealings and has always acted with integrity; any property owner in a Naiknavare project will vouch for it. The group ensures that all business information is correctly recorded and reported. At all times and at all levels, there is complete compliance with laws. 

Excellent Services 

Investing in Real Estate is quite tricky, especially if the builder doesn’t have a fair reputation in the market. They have maintained high service standards across all projects, and deliveries are well within RERA timelines. Updates on costs, construction progress, and any other relevant information are timely shared with the clients. Also, they have a robust grievance-redressal system which ensures that every customer concern is addressed in the first go. If, however, there is a complaint, there is a fair procedure to handle that. 

Apart from Pune, Naiknavare Developers have a presence in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Goa, and Kolhapur. Their project Kutumb-Powered by Primus, is a first-of-its-kind Intergenerational Community Living project in India. The group has ongoing residential projects across various locations in Pune: Shivajinagar, Talegaon, BAlewadi, Viman Nagar, and Vadgaon Maval. From the affordable segment to the premium, there is a home for everyone. Those seeking commercial investments may check out 7 Business Square in Pune and Esmeralda Square in Goa.

A flourishing housing market, real estate market trends in Pune show a steady rise in property prices given the development the city is witnessing. The investor community loves this smart city for its employment opportunities, academic avenues, and overall quality of life. Grab a space in Naiknavare projects and book yourself a secure future!


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