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In a city like Pune, where the cost of living is fairly high and fortunes need to be spent to buy a home, you can’t afford to go wrong with the developer you have chosen the project with. So it is essential to have a reference check before making any financial commitment. A builder must be thoroughly assessed based on customer feedback on past projects, timely completion, and quality consciousness. The developer of the property you are considering must possess all the right credentials, permission for construction, etc. Of these the most critical is customer reviews for a project.


Customer reviews tell you precisely what living in a residential project would be like. If there is one real estate developer in Pune you can trust, it would be Naiknavare Developers.


They are one of the top builders in Pune holding an excellent reputation among its buyers.


Incepted in 1986, the group lends its name to both residential and commercial projects alike. From luxury apartments to affordable homes, and commercial complexes, they have done it all. Naiknavare Developers has its presence in Maharashtra (Pune, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Kolhapur) and Goa. The group has 30+ awards under its belt for 50+ projects that have been delivered across education, residential & commercial segments.

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Before booking a home in a project, you need to check and learn about your potential builder’s reputation. You may check their customer reviews to see what recent clients have to say. Gathered from varied sources: Youtube, Google, and the company website, let us explore what the customers of Naiknavare projects said in common. Let us see what sets the Naiknavare Developers apart from others when buying a home.


Naiknavare Developers


Summation of Customer Reviews 


  • Credibility & Reputation

Credibility is an important aspect when it comes to investing large sums of money. . Any of the past Naiknavare customers would vouch for the builder’s work and character. You would get what you were promised. A good reputation comes with a builder keeping promises and demonstrating ‘strength of character’ by being committed to quality & customers.


  • Transparency

With Naiknavare Group there is complete transparency at every stage. You may enquire online or at the site office, all your questions would be honestly answered.


  • Timely completion of past projects

Naiknavare group enjoys a reputation for delivering projects on time, they score well on this parameter!


  • Legal & Statutory Commitments 

When with Naiknavare Developers, there will be absolutely no issue with NOCs, legalities involved, and all the required permissions for a project are sought well in advance. The Group ensures that the legal papers are without any deviations so that you don’t have to face any problems while selling the property or when you reside there.


  • Innovative Technology

Naiknavare Developers have in-house teams of professionals that create innovative designs and use modern engineering techniques for their clients’ dream homes.

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Let us read through a few customer testimonials on Naiknavare Developers.


Dr. B Hare says,” I am an orthopedic surgeon by profession. I’ve been residing in Sylvan heights for the past year & a half. Naiknavare Developers have used the latest technology & provided us with quality construction. We haven’t faced a problem with heating the walls. There is a good flow of cool air due to cross ventilation In the lobby and the duct within the building. Since they have used the latest technology, it’s been a year and a half, but I still haven’t faced any leakage problems, whatsoever. The walls in my house are not too bulky, and are much thinner, hence taking up less space while providing me with warmth & privacy”


The Bhosale family owns a home in Avon Vista. They love the fact that the construction quality of their new home at Naiknavare Avon Vista is top-notch. They find the amenities and social infrastructure impressive too. They are particularly impressed by the sales team that shared details about RERA, benefits under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana scheme and so much more.


Trust past customer’s feedback, trust Naiknavare Developers!

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