Commercial and office spaces in Goa amidst nature

Workplace Amidst Nature – Evolving Commercial & Office Spaces in Goa

An office set against a natural backdrop is a dream for most of us toiling in the metros with traffic, congestion, and pollution. Our premium commercial & office spaces in Goa has a lot to offer. The proximity of a workplace to the sea, mountain views, or greenery not only makes you feel good but it also helps enhance your productivity. It is no secret that our environment affects our well-being.

Our office is one place where we spend maximum time and we could gain some significant long-term health benefits if we are blessed to have an office in or around nature. It is said that viewing green spaces relaxes the mind and in turn increases the productivity of individuals. These days office spaces that are housed amongst concrete are also keeping potted plants in office premises. Many offices hang picture frames of natural views for their employees’ mental well-being. Let us run through a few advantages of being in a workplace set against natural views. 

Benefits of Office Spaces Amidst Nature

  • Nature Decreases Stress

It has been observed that viewing scenic and pleasant views increases the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system thereby reducing the stress levels of individuals.


  • Improves Attention & Productivity

Improves attention and productivity


It has been observed that views of nature improve our executive attention. Executive attention is vital to planning, decision-making, and correcting errors, among other things. Increased executive attention means your mind is clearer and has a better ability to focus on important tasks without interference from unnecessary or unrelated thoughts. So a workplace set against natural views improves productivity and overall employee wellness.


  • Increases Memory and Attention

Increases memory and attention


It has been observed that people staying amidst nature and having access to natural views had better memory performance and attention spans. Exposure to natural elements helps our brains to rest from the frequent overload of stimulation in busy, non-scenic environments.

Research has found that simply staring at a scenic view for 40 seconds was enough to trigger the brain into a more relaxed state which not only improves productivity and well-being but also significantly affects biological functions and emotions.

An office by the seaside or green surroundings is a blessing, and not everyone is blessed that way. However, if you are looking at acquiring or buying commercial & office spaces in Goa amidst serene surroundings, one project that you must check out is Esmeralda Business Square.

Esmeralda Business Square

Esmeralda Business Square


This project is a stunning commercial complex from Naiknavare Developers that is located in the Kadamba Plateau near Panaji, Goa. The complex set amidst serene surroundings imparts excellent visibility to its office & commercial spaces enjoying long highway frontage. Such a strategic location of an office may work wonders for business growth and opportunities. The complex offers world-class amenities and a conducive work environment.

Part of a project spread in 10 acres it offers flexible working arrangements and commercial uses ranging from co-living, co-working, showrooms, stores, and lobbies for offices. Located in Kadamba Plateau near Panaji, Goa, this complex is housed amidst this huge residential, commercial, and plotted project. Any commercial complex set around good catchment offers excellent business & growth options. Owing to this huge residential setup and accessibility, there is tremendous scope in terms of customers & target audience for this complex. 

The benefits of having scenic views in an office cannot be overstated and this complex offering commercial & office spaces in Goa is blessed with stunning scenic views and a natural backdrop. Be a proud owner of this enviable address!

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