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Diwali Pooja Decoration Ideas for Lakshmi Poojan at Home

Diwali is around the corner, and it’s time to gear up for the beauteous festival of lights. While there are myriad things to enjoy during Diwali- shopping, meeting loved ones, relishing sweets, decorating your home and spending quality time with family, performing Lakshmi Poojan is a ritual that is especially cherished and celebrated. It showers happiness, health and wealth on your home and hearth, and blesses all the family members with peacefulness. Here we are sharing you some Diwali pooja decoration ideas.


Tips for Diwali Pooja Decoration Ideas that will serve as a guiding light for you: 

Invoke Goddess Lakshmi’s Name with Loving Devotion: Create a blessed and positive atmosphere by cleaning and purifying your home and sprinkling Gangajal. Recite Goddess Lakshmi’s name and chanting Diwali puja mantra.


Set up a Dais: To start Laxmi pooja decoration, spread a new red cloth on a clean platform (a table or a plinth) and place some rice on it. Take a kalash (copper or silver pot), fill it with water till its neck and keep ritual ingredients in it. Betel nut, coconut, dry fruits, Chandan, spices flowers, a coin, etc. are some of the ingredients that people take for pooja, as per the traditional practice followed in the family. 


Kalash Arrangement: Tie a bunch of mango leaves around the opening of the kalash and keep a pooja thaali on it. Apply a tilak of haldi (turmeric) and kumkum on the kalash and draw an image of lotus with turmeric over it. Place a coconut at the top of the kalash, which is to be kept on the rice bed along with the idols. 



Diwali Pooja Decoration Ideas



Holy Bath to the Idols: Bathe the idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh with pure water and panchamrit. Place the idol of Lord Ganesha the right side of the kalash, and seat Maa Lakshmi in the centre. 


Embellish the idols: Decorate the idols with turmeric powder, saffron paste or sandal paste, kumkum and fresh flowers, and keep some coins, gold or other valuables in front of the arrangement. 


Performing the Pooja:  Light an oil lamp along with dhoop, camphor or incense sticks. Start with Ganesh worship and then worship Goddess Laxmi. Chant the mantras, offer sweets and coconut and make holy offerings of flowers and fruits to both the deities. 

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Narrate the Story of Maa Lakshmi: The essence of Lakshmi poojan is the story of Goddess Lakshmi, which we listen to with rapt attention every year with renewed interest. Let a member of the family read out the story, and at the end, let one and all offer flowers to the deities. 



Diwali Puja Decoration Ideas



Sing Maa Lakshmi Aarti: All the attendees must perform Lakshmi ji ki aarti and recite the aarti song in unison devotedly before the idols. Say prayers for happiness, prosperity and well-being of the home, and distribute the prasad and Diwali special sweets to everyone at home and in the vicinity.

Finally, you can exchange Diwali special gifts with everyone in the family, which understandably is something everyone looks forward to, and spend precious moments together.

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