Impact of Technology on Real Estate Sales

The Impact of Technology on Real Estate Sales

One area which has seen rapid expansion over the last few years is technology related to real estate and property. Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a home, the adoption of technology has revolutionized the way you go about it. Isn’t it hard to believe we are no more dependent on newspaper classifieds, real estate brokers, and word-of-mouth advertising to find a house for ourselves? In cities like Pune, the developers are making optimum use of technology to pitch the luxury apartments in Pune.


Buying property has not been easier before. You are no longer waiting for phone calls from errant agents; you don’t need to waste any more time on brokers who take you to houses you would not have bothered with if you had seen their pictures beforehand. Fewer chances of ‘luxury apartments in Pune’ not having the luxuries you were promised while selling.


Although we are still at a nascent stage on technology-driven buying, however, we are slowly getting there.

Factors that have made the process of acquiring a home smoother and more efficient.


  • Home listings on Websites


Home Listing on Website


Listing of homes online serves as a meeting point for buyers and sellers, it has completely changed the way home buyers approached the house-hunting process. These listings come as a package where you get all the essential information of the neighborhood including schools, hospitals, and other facilities nearby. This helps the buyer form an opinion about their preferences even before they visit the house. All these websites offer easy-to-use apps to facilitate browsing.


This has immensely reduced the dependence of home buyers on middlemen. And thereby save on their time.


  • Showcasing property virtually

This is the most trending and upcoming medium to showcase property and projects. Many times we visit houses that never looked the same in pictures shown to us in brochures. Virtual medium is gaining popularity with people viewing properties online through a virtual tour.


Showcasing property virtually


VR technology allows people to get a feel for prospective homes with walkthroughs that give you perspectives from inside out. Also, it is a big time-saver; you can see multiple homes in a matter of minutes rather than visiting one or two in person. In the virtual walkthrough, you get an immersive and three-dimensional 360-degree view of the entire property enabling you to decide if it is even worth visiting or not. This concept of virtual tours benefits real estate agents and buyers alike. The agents can distinguish between genuinely interested potential buyers and casual or disinterested ones.


Besides, augmented reality or AR technology enables you to see your house before it’s built or plan the interiors for an unfurnished apartment. You may browse floor plans that you can rotate and zoom in to see finer details, and even select furnishings and designs to bring your ideas to life.

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  • Aerial view

Having seen the property virtually, would it not be nice if you could also view the neighborhood? These days drone-photography is used to collect and present visual information about a project and its neighborhood and thereby evoke the interest of prospective buyers. Drone photography is particularly convenient in the case of large properties to present a sprawling view to the buyer. So, if you are keen on buying a park-facing view, you would know exactly how the park looks from your park-facing balcony.


Aerial view


Combined with AR and VR technologies, drone photography gives more of an intimate feel of your prospective home. You may be able to see your entire house with its interiors, a view of the whole apartment complex, and even your neighborhood; and all this way before construction has even begun.


  • Online Financial Advice 


Online Financial Advice


These days every bank and NBFC has a website to display its range of products. You get a whole lot of information on the home loans offered and their disbursal process.  Various other portals give you a mart comparison of home loans from different institutions.

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Unquestionably, the coming of different online tools for buying and comparing property prices, and determining the best home loan rates among others have transformed the property-buying process. It will only get better from here.

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