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India’s favorite coffee shop CCD is relaunching soon at Seasons Business Square Aundh

Coffee and coffee shops have been a way of life for many. You would probably be lying if you said you haven’t taken a picture of yours with the perfect cup of coffee. India’s favorite coffee shop CCD is back in your city now. Yes! CCD is relaunching itself and you may grab your cuppa’ at Seasons Business Square in Aundh, Pune.

Café Coffee Day has enjoyed a legacy since 1870 and was once a multinational chain of coffee houses head-quartered in Bengaluru. After some years of issues with the company, CCD is back in the game.

If you have been missing the little things like the gooey caramel running down the side of your cup, the sprinkles placed on top of extra cream, or random conversations in the CCD setup, get ready yet again for an even better coffee shop environment at CCD that will make you feel whole and happy.

CCD is reopening in Pune at Seasons Business Square at Aundh. Hear random music, and random conversations and enjoy your favorite coffee. The Café Coffee Day menu serves a variety of beverages and food options. Some of their best-selling beverages include the Cappuccino and Café Latte, Café Americano, and some CCD originals like Inverted Cappuccino, Tangerine White Chocolate Cappuccino, etc. There are options for Vegans too: Café Americano, Espresso, and so on.

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CCD offers a variety of accomplishments along with your favorite coffee to satisfy your hunger pangs. Amongst their best sellers include Croissants, Chilli Cheese Toast, Spinach ‘n’ Corn Garlic Bread, Smoked Chicken Garlic Bread, etc. For those with a sweet tooth, there are muffins, cheesecakes, cakes, brownies, ice creams, and ice cream shakes to choose from.


Seasons Business Square Aundh


Post Covid-19, CCD has taken special care to adhere to utmost measures for Café Hygiene. The team at the café wears gloves all the time and frequently wash their hands. The café premises and equipment are periodically cleaned. Screening of employees is done right at the gate. The kitchen area is regularly cleaned. CCD has devoted delivery partners for home deliveries. Strict hygiene measures are followed for the same.

A lot can happen over coffee is the mantra at CCD! Many people believe that the biggest benefit of working at a coffee shop is that it makes you more creatively productive. They feel more stimulated and alert, and get the energy and drive to create things.

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CCD is the best place to enjoy with your companions or colleagues (when co-working). Your favorite hangout destination for coffee and conversation is back, indeed!

Beat the hunger pangs with a range of munchies and freshly made specials. Prepare to visit the CCD at Seasons Business Square Aundh soon and relive the old days with a steaming cup of coffee and your favorite sandwiches! Click here to read more

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