Pros and Cons of South Facing House: What You Need to Know

Pros and Cons of South Facing House: What You Need to Know

When buying a home, the importance of Vastu Shastra cannot be denied in the Indian context. The directional position of the home matters apart from the basic home buying criteria. South-facing houses are less preferred by homebuyers given Vastu doshas they carry; it is said that they are not directionally aligned to create a positive flow of energies at home. However, you must consider the pros and cons of South facing house before taking the plunge.

General Myths about South-Facing Homes

There are certain myths about South-facing homes, and many people are sceptical about buying one. So, what are those myths? Some common ones include incurring heavy financial losses, family members falling ill, or having disabilities; it is also said that residents of South-facing homes may meet an ill-dated death.

These myths may scare you, but these are only myths. You may work around Vastu of your house with professional help to change the orientation and landscaping of your abode.

Let us ponder the pros and cons of South facing house apart from the Vastu principles.

Pros and Cons of South-Facing Homes

Pros of South-Facing Homes

Get More Sunlight/ Better Ventilation

You already know the numerous benefits that sunlight offers to us. Not just you absorb more vitamin D and gain better health, there is a lot of positivity in the house since a South-facing home gets sunlight throughout the day. In particular, if you’re living in colder places or during winter, having sunlight throughout the day is a big boon if the weather & climate outside is breezy.

Low Electricity Bills

More natural light at home means less need for power during the day. Also, since ventilation is good, there is more natural air and an element of freshness at home.

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Great for Plants/Gardening

Sunlight is good for the growth of plants and their overall health. So, if you love Gardening or have a lawn at home, there will be greenery and flowers all year round.

Cons of South-Facing Homes

Warmer Home

Having sunlight throughout the day means that the walls of your home will get heated up during the day. You may have to use curtains and shades during the summer.

Hard to Re-sell

Many people believe that their property value significantly lowers when re-selling their homes, given the myths that the buyers may face, like health issues, accidents, etc.

How Do you Make Your South Facing House Perfect?

With professional help, you can correct the pros and cons of South facing house and make your home perfect by incorporating their suggestions during the construction or renovation. 

Let us discuss how the Vastu corrections may be done for your South-facing home. 


  • Having a positive flow of energy is the most critical thing in a South-facing property. That makes the main entrance important. So, the design and placement of the main entrance are of prime importance.
  • As per Vastu, when constructing a home, the length and width of the space must be divided into nine equal parts. This is the ‘pada’ concept. The entrance should be at the fourth pada, somewhere in the South-East corner. This way, there are positive energies aligned throughout the house. 
  • The main entrance should never be in the South-West direction. 
  • Also, the main entrance must open inwards in a clockwise manner.
  • This area also needs to be well-lit at all times.
  • Having an elevated southern side is also a good sign.

Living room/ Puja room

According to the South-facing house Vastu plan, the North-East part of your home is best suited for building the living room and also your Puja room. Puja room can be a part of your living room, too, if there is a space crunch. 

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom must be in the South-West direction. It should be on the top floor if there are floors in the house. 


The South-East direction is perfect for a kitchen. When cooking, face the East. This way get sunlight all day long. If this direction is not possible, then the North-West direction. 

Kid’s Room

The children’s bedroom or nursery should be in the North-West part. Alternatively, pick between the southern or western parts. 

What To avoid?

Do not keep water appliances or machinery, like the water cooler, in the South-West area. Ensure that your parking space is not in the South. 

Who Benefits from a South-Facing House?

Experts believe that a South-facing house benefits certain types of professions like media and communications, given the high energy in these homes. Also, a South-facing house is great for people who have a lot of Mars energy in their birth chart. 

There are no pros and cons of South facing house which can’t be corrected. Make your home perfect with this handy guide.


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