Residential plots in Pune

Why Residential Plots in Pune are in Demand

Pune is one metropolitan city that’s always at the top of the real estate game. Even the COVID-19 pandemic did not dampen the spirits of people keen on investing in property in Pune. In fact, new trends have been emerging in Pune’s property investment developments, such as inclination towards residential plots over apartments. Of late, investors have been showing interest in investing in residential plots in Pune, which has caught the attention of real estate experts.   A host of reasons are attributable to this shift among people looking to invest in Pune. While some investors desire residential plots for purely aesthetic reasons, others pursue them for better resale value in the future. Further, astute investors have evaluated the pros and cons of owning apartments and plots and concluded that a residential plot would suit their needs more than a flat. 


Both, apartments as well as plots have their respective advantages and disadvantages. As for investors looking for residential plots in Pune, they are captivated by the following factors and developments:


  • Flexibility

One of the most appealing things about owning a residential plot, whether to live or for investment, is the flexibility and freedom it offers. When it comes to home renovation, there isn’t much one can do in an apartment unlike in your own independent house. Restructuring is something that cannot be done so easily in an apartment, but in the case of a plot, you can go ahead with it smoothly. Further, investors, these days are an informed lot. Investors are naturally aware of it, and they know that if they wish to sell their home in the future, a plot is what will fetch them a handsome deal. 

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  • Freedom to Design Your Home Your Way

Unlike in a housing society, as an owner of a plot, you don’t have to take permission to do up your home the way you desire. Investing in such a house is bound to pay off in the coming times, hence investors are interested in plots more. Homebuyers having a penchant for aesthetic beauty largely prefer residential plots. They know they can prettify their home to their heart’s content, and no one would be there to raise objections as such.


  • Appreciation of Resale Value

The appreciation of the resale value of plots is poised to increase and yield higher returns, just like it does always. Owners of residential plots in Pune are witnessing a brisk rise in the resale value of their property. It is something that will not go out of fashion, as land is a limited resource for which buyers are always there.


  • Easy Availability 

Residential plots are readily available in most locations in Pune, hence it’s easy to buy or sell them. This is one attribute that investors look for while buying property. It’s not so simple with apartments, hence residential plots make for a very practical and feasible choice for them.


  • Limited Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic

The sale of residential plots in Pune was largely unaffected even during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Property investment transactions, especially for residential plots, took place briskly during the pandemic period. The same trend is continuing in Pune city, which makes it easier for investors to opt for it.

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