Check out these Home Decor Tips for the Rainy Season

Cool showers in the rainy season bring in the soothing breeze and greenery all around, much-needed relief from the blazing sun. Sitting in a covered balcony or verandah and sipping warm cups of tea or coffee with hot snacks while watching the rain is all that one wants to do during this season.


While there is so much mushy about rains, poets romanticize it, however, the rainy season comes with its own set of problems- dirty shoes, muddy footprints, and musty smells around the house. With grey skies showering water, you have to stay cooped up inside the house. With gloomy weather outside you can get creative with some interesting home decor for your house and give it a seasonal vibe.


Let us explore some home decor tips for the monsoon season.


Home makeover Guide for the Rainy Season 



  • Lush Greens


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You may usher nature into your home with fragrant flowers and greens. Utilize perfume bottles, all those vases which you bought from the thrift shops to decorate your balcony, terrace, window sills, verandah, etc. Bring in flowers such as Tulips, Lilies, or fragrant flowers and let them float in the vessels filled with water. These flowers add a dash of color to your room when it’s dark and gloomy outside.



  • Windchimes


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Hang the gently tinkling wind chimes on the window sill. These are a pleasant accompaniment to the cool breezes of the monsoon. Bamboo wind chimes are ideal for the balcony while chimes made of aluminum or other metal are best for windows or open verandas in the front and rear of the house. 



  • Striking Umbrella Stands


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Your umbrella becomes your savior and your new best friend in the monsoons. Buy a quirky umbrella stand and add a dash of eccentricity to your living room. Make sure you keep the umbrella stand near the entrance so that you do not have to clean a trail of water when people enter with dripping umbrellas. 




  • Brighten the Interiors


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While the skies are grey outside with flashes of silvery thunder, if the furnishings are dark or deep-toned then the indoors also tend to look gloomy. You can brighten up the interiors with colorful cushions and armrests on the sofas and chairs. To give your interiors a fresh vibe, change the color of your furnishings to bring a welcome difference in the environment, without spending too much.

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  • Fragrant Candles


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Lightly scented candles can magically improve the gloomy, despondent mood, which affects you when you are homebound by rain. Place decorative scented candles on stylish stands to brighten up the dinner table or in dark corridors. They will banish the moldy smell of the rain and wet clothes.  



  • Change the Window Dressing


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Remove the heavy drapes and replace them with sheer fabrics. Velvet and heavy cotton tend to soak up moisture and make the house feel heavy and musty, but lace curtains allow sunlight to stream in and keep your house cheerful and airy. 



  • Keep the dirt away


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Keep a heavy-duty doormat at your front door during monsoon so everyone can wipe their shoes before they enter your home. Get doormats made from jute, coir, or recycled rubber; the doormat is the ideal way to keep dirt, mud, and germs out of your door and protect the floor inside the house.  



  • Furniture Care


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It is advisable to keep your heavy furniture exposed to sunlight by placing them close to doors and windows, to avoid the accumulation of fungi and bacteria on the walls and the furniture surface keeping an eye to ensure that it stays away from the walls.

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Enjoy the rainy season with a steaming cup of hot tea and these handy tips that will keep your spirits high in the gloominess outside.

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