decorate your gallery this monsoon

How to Decorate your Gallery for the Monsoon Season

Monsoon can make our home look dull and boring. While we keep our homes monsoon-proof, it’s also essential to make the look stylish at the same time. The best way to elevate that dull aura is by adding tweaks and twists to your interiors. Gallery walls are one of the best ways to decorate and add personality to a space. However, putting together a gallery wall can seem like a daunting task, especially during monsoon.


Whether it is ‘Pune rains’ or ‘Goa rains’, explore the following interior design tips for gallery decoration this monsoon season.


Tips & Ideas for Gallery Décor


  • Geometric Wall

One of the first things to decide on is the layout. Imagine all the pieces that will compose the gallery wall together and think about the overall design. An easy way to start a gallery wall is to plan it around a geometric shape, such as a square, oval or rectangular layout. This concept works when you are putting up framed pictures or artwork.


To ensure that the composition will look good, you can make paper templates of the pieces and tape them on the wall, deciding the height and placement of each one. This way, you can arrange and rearrange the pieces before you start drilling!


  • Eclectic Wall

 The gallery walls are not just for photos. You can add various other elements to complement the wall and overall design. These could include clocks, mirrors, wooden letters, signs, accessories, and mounted pieces such as antlers and lamps. You can mix-match different materials and elements to create a unique gallery wall that fits your family’s personality!


If you wish you can follow a more traditional and conservative style, adding just pictures of your family. After all, the gallery wall is supposed to reflect your style!

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  • Focus on Color Palette

 A great way to create a cohesive gallery wall is by following a theme or color palette. If you want a wall with various forms of art without a proper theme, then following a color palette is the best way to ensure the pieces go together. You can pick a single color for the frames or choose pictures of the same hues themselves.


The best way to combat those monsoon greys is to add a pop of color to your home interiors. Colors like peppy orange and bright pink are perfect to add a color pop factor. These hues are a great way to accentuate your gallery during the Pune monsoon.


  • Unconventional Ideas

 If you live in a rental property or if you’re not comfortable with drilling that many holes on your walls, then picture ledges are your ideal gallery wall design. With all the art aligned with the shelves, you can add many different trinkets and prints and it will still look balanced and symmetrical.


This idea is also great for those who get bored easily: you can rearrange and add or take out pieces as often as you want!


  • Balance

 Avoid too much color, keep it balanced. If you are going to have a lot of colorful photos, drawings, and other elements, you can keep the frames simple and neutral, or keep all the pieces around the same size.


  • Have some Fun

 Don’t just put photos and paintings on the wall because they’re pretty. Use pieces you find beautiful even though they might look awkward, photos that make you smile, and drawings that warm your heart. Putting these pieces together will create a style that is truly unique and personal, which is perfect for you and your home.


In the end, one of the most important things in life is to have fun, so don’t worry about it too much and just play with it.

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Additionally, in monsoons the walls and furniture absorb moisture, and to avoid the mildew it leaves behind, it’s best to move things around and redo the decoration. Dehumidifiers can help balance the humidity level in your house.


Gallery decor is the perfect way to transform a drab blank wall into a thing of beauty. So, no more monsoon greys when you try out these decor ideas for your home now!


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