Pune residential hub

Why has Pune become a Residential Hotspot?

Pune is a budding cosmopolitan city, an emerging residential hotspot of India. Investors consider the city as one of the most viable and lucrative places for investing in residential reality spaces. Real estate in Pune has seen steady growth compared to its neighboring city Mumbai. 


A steady influx of various workforces from across the country, along with the rise in real estate construction in the region, has provided splendid investment opportunities. Sustained professional migration to Pune has led to the city’s transformation into a vibrant technological hub, an urban cosmopolitan community of sorts. Apartments in Pune are quite affordable and the city offers a well-developed social infrastructure that ensures good ROI.  


Let us explore how & why Pune is a buzzing residential hotspot of India.

Why is residential property in Pune selling like hotcakes?


  • Services & Perks of the city


There are cities in India that are far cheaper, less crowded, and very Indian in every sense. Yet, they don’t make the cut when compared to Pune. Pune offers a mix of great neighbourhoods, jobs, education for children starting from school to college and beyond, safety for everyone, weather, and air quality. Pune has got the best services and amenities that go towards making a good work-life balance. 


  • Location & Connectivity


For professionals who travel regularly, simple mobility backed by an effective transport model allows convenient transportation between their homes. The Pune Metro project is also approaching its realization stage, which will further improve the quality and ease of travel in and around the city. It is sure to improve the quality and time taken in travel within the city and suburbs.


Predominantly three metro lines would cover all the important suburbs and the center of Pune. This would result in making Pune more accessible from different directions. Properties in Pune and the suburbs along these routes would also sell like ‘hot cakes’ in near future. Besides, there are already plans to extend existing routes to touch more places and bring prosperity to Pune and its seriously extended suburbs. 


Connectivity with India’s Finance hub, Mumbai, also drives Pune city’s growth.


  • Education & Employment 


Pune is labeled as India’s Oxford. Offering world-class education, this city readies more than half a million students in any given year. This adds to the talent pool that Pune offers. There has been a remarkable increase in job opportunities in the city. The rise in the job rate means an increase in the demand for better housing and properties due to the increase in the number of employees.


  • Increased Demand, better Disposable Income 


Covid-19 got everyone working at home. So, the children were home-schooling, adults were working from home creating a need for larger spaces. Besides, with nowhere to go out and spend, there are huge savings & cash reserves. People are now looking at investing in luxury and premium properties in Pune. 


  • Rising Rental Income


Pune attracts countless professionals & students looking for work and educational opportunities because it developed into a technological hub along with a few top educational universities present in the region. Given its high migrant population, an investment made to earn a steady rental income from residential and commercial properties in Pune can never go wrong.

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Apart from the above reasons, Pune’s pleasant climate, hill stations in the vicinity make it all the more alluring for residential property investment. The thriving engineering, automobile, education, and IT sectors and pleasant weather-all these factors have led Pune to become the hotbed for real estate investors and developers in India. 


Pune is the place to bet your money on. If you haven’t already invested here, make it now!


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